FY20 Donor List

It is our honor to showcase the names of the people who contributed from July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020 in the list below.


$25,000 +

Gordon and Llura Gund 1993 Foundation


$10,000 - $24,999

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Barbara Jordan Fund

Kate and Steve Patterson Fund

John Rutherford Fund

Sigrid and Ladd Thorne


$5,000 - $9,999

Bill and Joan Alfond Foundation

Barbara and David Hawkins

Lucile P. Hicks Fund

Jill Lenhardt

Marsha and Mark MacLean

Berneda Meeks

Julie Norman

Diane and Richard Schmalensee

Nancy Adams and Scott Schoen

Kate Lubin and Glendon Sutton

Plimpton-Shattuck Fund


$1,000 - $4,999

The Alchemy Foundation       

Mimi and George Bennett

Lisa Pierpont and Brant Binder

Katie and Maxwell Bleakie

Jennifer and Jonathan Block

Nancy Braitmayer

Harvey Brown

Butler's Hole Fund - Rick and Nonnie  Burnes

Astrid and Thomas Burns

Edmund and Betsy Cabot Foundation

Alexandra Marshall and James Carroll

Jamie and Kevin Connors

Nancy and Laury Coolidge

Joan and Prescott Crocker

Amy and Ethan d'Ablemont Burnes

Adam Ellison

Martha Erickson

Uzoch and Erik Erlingsson

Wendy and William Foulke

Marjorie and Nicholas  Greville

Ann and Graham Gund Fund

The Martin and Deborah Hale Foundation

John and Ann Hall Family Fund

Susan and Michael Hazard

Caroline and Thomas Hovey

Bess and James Hughes

Pamela and John Humphrey

Jennifer Krebs and David Jennings III

Mary Johnson

Elizabeth L. Johnson Fund

Holly and Bruce Johnstone Charitable Fund

Judy and Roger Kamm

Kathleen Kenney

Joyce and Edward Lawrence

Elizabeth Goodenough and James Leaf

Lloyd Macdonald

Charles and Elaine Mangum Charitable Gift Fund

Jenny Toolin McAuliffe and Anthony McAuliffe

Kristen and Jordan McEntyre

George Bell and Caroline Minot Bell Fund

Ann Ogilvie

Beth K. Pfeiffer Charitable Fund

Sam S. Plimpton

Lia and William Poorvu

Tina Rathborne

Patty and Charles Ribakoff

Elizabeth Robbins

Diana Rowan Rockefeller

Susan and David Rockefeller

Rosalind Roosevelt

Rachel and Marko Rosenfeldt

Saltonstall Family Charitable Fund    

Patricia and David Straus

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Vinton

Lisa and David Walker Fund

Stephanie and Jonathan Warburg

Enid L. Beal and Alan Wolfe

Kathleen Bratton and Brian Wruble

Joyce Yaffee


$1 - $499

Liga and Martins Aldins

Mary Lee and Peter Aldrich

The Alvord Family Foundation

Gwen Art

Tori Banu

Danielle and Morgan Barrieau

Amy Beckwith

Kathrene and Anderson Bell

Daphne Johnson Berger

Jennifer and Kyle Betty

Lorraine Carli and Jay Bluestein

Ingrid and Simon Boyd

Lynne and Richard Breed

Owen Burke

Elizabeth Burns

C & P Buttenwieser Foundation

Angela and Benjamin Cavallo

Karin and David Chamberlain

Danielle Chaplick

Whitney Cheever

Rachel and Thomas Claflin

Linzee Coolidge

Jennifer and Nicholas Crocker

Crocker Family Charitable Fund

Lloyd and Gene Dahmen

Elizabeth Demers

Epp Sonin and Arie Derkson

Catharine-Mary Donovan

Anne Doremus

Heather Faris

Carmen Fields and Lorenz Finison

Liesl Finn

Blanche and Adel Foz

Barbara and Robert Glauber

Loren Goldstein

Carol and Alexander Grant

Joy and David Greenway

Amy Grossman

Ruth and George Haivanis

Mary Ellen Hawes Lees

Susan Hackley and Paul Henry

Rona Kiley

Virginia Lawrence

Carole and David Lawton

Danna Lorch

Melissa Ludtke

Martin Giving Fund

Helen Marston

Thomas and Suzanne McManmon

Bernard Mehlman

Anmol Mehra Gift Fund

Jared Miller

Mary Crane and Eric Morse

Jane Moss

Anne and Eric Mueller

Maureen Mullowney

Whitney and Ryan Patton

Winifred Phyfe

Lyndsay Picciano

David Podell

Hadley and Alexander Powell

Jennifer Prouty

Eliza Quincy

Wallis and Daniel Raemer

Reilly Family Fund

Reville and Joyal DAF; Paul Reville and Julie Joyal

Louise Riemer

Anne and James Righter

Frieda Garcia and Byron Rushing

Saltonstall Family Fund

Scott Scharer

Margaret and Paul Schmid

Brent Shay

Elaine Shiang

Ellen C. L. Simmons

Storer Family Foundation

Lisa Taffe

Margaret Talcott

Kate and Ben Taylor Fund

Emily Thompson

Ladd Thorne Jr.

Karen Tobin

Otile McManus and Robert Turner

David Van Ness Taylor

Phyllis Vineyard

Beckett and Frederick Warburg

Gurdon Wattles

Elizabeth and Benjamin White

Victoria and Thomas Whitney

Alison and Andrew Zook

Pamela and Barry Zuckerman


Every effort was made to accurately recognize the generosity of each donor throughout this list. If you find an error or omission, please accept our sincere apology and contact Eliza Cowan at eliza@maxcourage.org so we can correct our records for the future.