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Curriculum Guides- Newly Updated for 2017

Teachers will receive the curriculum guides below, which include lesson plans for all five curriculum novels and is aligned with city and state learning standards. Teachers also have access to multimedia, including a 9-minute piece about Max Warburg to show students as an introduction to the curriculums.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I implement the Courage Curriculum in my classroom?

We know that no one understands the unique needs and character of your classroom better than you do.  For this reason, our program is designed to be flexible and easily adapted to best fit your classroom.  Each participating teacher will receive five newly-updated curriculum guides (which correspond with the five novels featured on our curriculum) as well as a guide for sharing Max’s story and facilitating discussions about courage.  These guides are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and include chapter summaries, pre- and post-reading activities, writing prompts, vocabulary, and discussion questions.    We hope you will feel empowered to use what works for you, knowing there is absolutely no requirement to use all materials.  Some teachers will use all five novels in the classrooms, others will supplement from their own reading lists. 

What if I need featured curriculum novels for my classroom?

We aren’t in a position to buy all the books for all the schools, but if your classroom needs any of the five novels featured on our curriculum, please contact our office.  We work throughout the year to raise funds for this express purpose, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How can I learn more about the essay program?

Stay tuned!  We will be sharing a separate document later in the fall pertaining specifically to the essay writing process, our non-traditional essay contest and what happens if one of your students’ essays is chosen for publication in The Courage of Children: Boston and Beyond.  If you have specific questions you would like answered, please reach out to our office.

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Teach the 9th Grade Curriculum


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Curriculum Guides

Teachers will receive the curriculum guides to help in laying a framework for the development of strong reading, writing, and comprehension skills. These guides aid teachers in facilitating discussion of student experiences that draw personal connections to the subject matter of the reading materials. We recommend that teachers encourage students to engage in art activities that reinforce the language arts program, further developing critical thinking skills through artistic expression.

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